Resident Evil HD Remake | Let's Play Ep. 7 | Super Beard Bros. 10 months ago

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Welcome back to more Jirard is super sleepy bros! We learn some deep dark secrets today about the Resident Evil mansion!!

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Resident Evil is a survival horror game where the player controls the on-screen character from a third-person perspective to interact with the environment. To advance through the game, the player must explore a mansion and its surrounding areas while avoiding, outsmarting and defeating monsters like zombies, undead dogs, and giant spiders.The player can open doors, push certain objects, climb obstacles, and pick up items. When an item is collected, it is stored in an inventory that the player can access at any time. Items in the inventory can be used, examined, and combined to solve puzzles and gain access to areas that were previously inaccessible.The inventory is limited to a certain number of slots, and the player must often move items from the inventory to storage boxes located in certain areas to manage space.


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End Card Song by: Frostbyte

Resident Evil HD Remake | Let's Play Ep. 7 | Super Beard Bros.